APIs using Python

We are using python pretty extensively for creating APIs, and will be starting to consume them in our tooling as well. Is this an area that others are also using Python for?

Some of our challenges are “size of python based docker containers”, “user authentication / authorization”, “usage monitoring”, “logging”.

Some examples of our APIs:

  • Download Satellite wind data for a region of interest
  • Download NEWA data for region and time-period of interest
  • Download GWA libfiles for a specific point

HI @neildavis ,

I am probably not answering your question here but in terms of using the data sets you are providing we have not been using the APIs for NEWA or GWA but have been using the GIS downloads of GWA in some of our tools . tbh I wasn’t aware GWA had a API for a specific point, i thought it was only for the GIS downloads? is this new or a feature that totally passed me by ?

Finally the other conundrum I would be keen to discuss with you is how to get from .lib to WRG or something similar in Python. to enable the automation of energy and wake calcs - is this what you are planning for PyWasp?

The libfile download is something that we don’t advertise much currently. It is using an older API tool called ZooWPS, which is a bit slow and not the easiest. We are hoping to roll out a new API later this year when we update to GWA3.3. The current API is something we allow limited use of on a per case basis. Once we roll out the new API, we plan on providing throttled access to all WAsP users via an authentication mechanism, which we still need to figure out.

Going from .lib to WRG is indeed something that you would need PyWAsP to do in Python. We have an interface with PyWake to allow for easy calculation of AEP and Wakes as well.

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