Introductions for new sign ups

Hi, I’m Przemek Marek, working in the EYA team in Xodus, based in Glasgow. We use Python to automate various bits and bobs of our analysis, often together with our GIS team who are much more fluent in it. I might try to drag some other members of my team here who use Python more often than I do.
Overall this group looks like a really exciting place, hopefully we can share a lot across going ahead!


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I’m Matteo Mana, I work in WindSim and I have experience i site assessment.
I use Python for many analysis.

In git I have some open code that could be of interest “
it manage the date time correction from local time zone to UTC.
it was created with a UI in Qt but I do not maintain it much in the last years.

I hope to contribute more in this group
best regards


Hi All,

Stephen Holleran here based in Ireland working for BrightWind. We use Python a lot for our preconstruction and operational yield assessments as well as building cloud platforms and tools.

I am heavily involved with developing the Task 43 WRA Data Model and also, when I can, try to update and maintain the open-source brightwind python library for WRA. Regarding the brightwind library we are hoping to publish a new release soon but in the meantime those that are more familiar with packages I suggest you use the dev branch until then.

I have been contemplating such a forum for a long time now so I am delighted David has stepped up. Looking forward to sharing!


Hi Everyone!

My name is Richard Findlay, I’m based in Perth/Glasgow, I currently work as an Analyst in the Energy Analytics team @Mdavid800 (author of thread / creator pywram) heads up at SSE Renewables. Like @gcastro-98 I’m particularly interested in the application of ML, of recent I’ve been exploring some novel reinforcement learning applications in and around wind energy.

Looking forward to seeing pywram grow!



I’m Gullik, a colleague of Matteo at WindSim.

I’ve been using python for various kind of data wrangling for many years now, and hope I will find this site/group to be helpful.


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Hi all,

I am Bruno Nguyen and am working for the Offshore Resource Assessment team at RWE, currently based in Paris. We have been using python more and more these past few years for various EYA tasks.

Thanks for setting up this forum and looking forward to discussing!

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I am Sascha Schmidt and I am based in the Black Forest in Southern Germany. At ProPlanEn we do a lot of data analysis and processing and, of course, wake modelling. Python is used for nearly everything that can be automated.

Looking forward to the discussion.


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Hi all,

Alice Goward Brown from Wood’s Glasgow (UK) office here, I’m a Senior Renewable Energy Consultant specialising in the power performance testing of wind turbines and working closely with our energy yield analysts. We use python for the vast majority of our data processing work, in particular, we build most of our tools around the utilisation of pandas.

Like many here I’m self-taught in python, having started off initially in Matlab, I transitioned over to python around 10 years ago. I now lead the development of my team’s in-house tools and use python in a variety of ways across all aspects of my work: within QGIS, utilising IDEs like DataSpell, and working within Jupyter Notebooks.

Thanks to David for starting this off - it’s really interesting to see the range of skills and experience here from everyone’s introductions. I look forward to seeing where this forum leads!


Hi all
Romain Molins from Mainstream Renewable Power. We have our internal wind data measurement platform based on Python/Django in Mainstream, and we use Jupyter Notebooks for bespoke analysis.


Hello folks,

I’m Anthony Gray and I’m a Wind and Offshore O&M Analyst in the Energy Analytics team at SSE Renewables. I use Python a fair bit, mostly pandas, since first learning it in 2017. My work is mainly O&M modelling using the Shoreline tool so I use Python for data analysis and presenting my results. In the past I have made my own O&M models using Python though.

I’m also involved in metocean analysis and I’ve got a side project to develop a comprehensive Python program that analyses a hindcast time series dataset and produces a range of outputs, include high-level statistics (like day in year averages) but also more detailed weather window analysis.

I wrote a script to extract ERA5 data from Copernicus which is publicly available from my previous organisation, ORE Catapult. It might be a bit out of date now though: Extracting and Using Weather Time-Series Data for Offshore Renewable Energy Projects - ORE (

Nice to be here! Thanks for the invite Dave.



Welcome @AnthonyGray . I was thinking the other night - one thing that is missing on the Awesome-list is an open source Python library for Metocean analysis . I am not aware of anything like that . Just thought I would plant that little seed :wink:


Hi I’m Kenneth, working as Senior Wind EYA consultant in RINA.
I love working with Python. Develop in-house tools to automate the process.
Looking forward to learn and share ideas in this forum.

Hi there, I work with @rmolins at Mainstream, great to see a resource like this taking off

Hi All,
Thanks for this community, quite interested in trading experiences and tips.

My name is Justin Burstein, and I’m in the offshore department at RWE renewables. I’ve been making little tools, plots and scripts in python for probably 8 years now. It started with doing analysis of power performance data, but that’s been extended to quite a few other areas, including wake modeling, and long term correction methods.

Looking forward to the discussions