New open source wind farm and wake modelling code: FOXES

I am excited to announce that we have recently started the process of publishing the Fraunhofer IWES wake modelling developments in Python as open source code on github under the new name FOXES! We are still at the beginning of transferring all functionalities, which is a lot of fun - hope you like it too, stay tuned!


Looks excellent @SchmJo , I will get it added to the Awesome list today !


looks great! @SchmJo do you have any webinar of sorts coming up to showcase whats what of your repository?

That is a good idea! So far we are still busy with transferring code and functionalities from our in-house predecessor tool to FOXES. Thanks for the input, maybe end of the year or beginning of next year could be a possibility. I will post it here when I can say more.

Until then I have to refer you to the examples section of the documentation.