The PY_WRAM Blog Introduction

This is a PY_WRAM blog Post . As you can see it has different styling to the rest of the site and it is intended for more lengthy posts. I personally like using and reading articles on Medium and this is an attempt to replicate some of that look and feel on PY_WRAM.

Anything posted in the PY_WRAM Blog category will be formatted in this way. You too can post articles that have this Blog type look . Just select that category and hey presto - fancy blog type post,

My thought is these type of articles will be good for longer posts or articles that you wish to be featured. Lets say you are lanching a new library or package or a major update, or you want to write a longer article showing of something you have been working on , that deserves more than just a simple forum post - it deserves a blog post !!

some helpful usage tips:

  • The text for this blog post is still written in the usual box (dont forget however you can make this full screen).
  • Markdown can still be used in the post (if you havent used markdown check out Markdown Cheat Sheet | Markdown Guide
  • The image code of your featured image should be the first line of the post . This will be “moved” such that image appears above the topic title to produce the effect shown in the above example image. Please be sure to include a blank line between the image code of the featured image and the subsequent content.
  • You can use <big></big> tags around the first letter of a word to create an initial first letter effect (as at the start of this blog post…fancy)
  • The main image is centered within the available space. You may need to edit your photo for it to display the way you’d like.
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