Welcome to PY_WRAM - Mission Statement

Welcome to PY_WRAM - Python for Wind Resource Assessment and Metocean.

As the name suggests this is a community page for the discussion and development of Python in Wind Resource Assessment and Metocean

Our mission is to be a community hub that provides a place where we can come together to discuss the use of Python in Wind Resource Assessment & Metocean and learn from each other along the way… Like Stackoverflow for WRA and Metocean.

What do we mean by this? Well, this website aims to:

  1. Provide a place to highlight and collate all the awesome tools being developed by our community and beyond using Python which are applicable to WRA & Metocean communities. PY-WRAM’s Awesome-List
  2. Provide a place where those of us who use and/or develop tools in Python can ask questions of, and receive answers from, the community (and often the developers).
  3. Provide an area to post longer Articles / Blogs related to Python / Data science that you think the WRAM community would be interested in (and allow for conversation around these).
  4. Facilitate the wind and metocean communities to collaborate in developing and sharing of Python packages and libraries.

This website is run on behalf of the community by the steering committee made up of @Mdavid800
@neildavis , @stephenholleran, @bjarketol and @oriol . Feedback and suggestions for the committee can be provided in the Site Feedback category.

Kind Regards,

The PY_WRAM Committee


Answering some people about who are the administrators, it is in the about page.Right now there is a comitte who is trying to set up the site:
@Mdavid800 , @neildavis , @stephenholleran , @bjarketol and myself. We are all admins and morerators. We try to keep it all horizontal and open, so feel free to post your feedback on site administration too. There is a thread where we want to get feedback on how to choose new administrators and also how to fund this site so that it does not rely on noone particularly.

The Welcome to PY_WRAM statement has been updated to capture our “Mission Statement” and include the details of the committee in the statement.

As this is a community page we are open to your comments on this Mission Statement - is there something we are missing that you feel should be included, if so please let us know.