What is the PY_WRAM Committee For?

The PYWRAM website is first and foremost a community page but in order to provide some structure we have set up a steering committee.

At present, the committee members / admins of this website are @Mdavid800 , @neildavis , @stephenholleran , @bjarketol and @oriol .

In order to make it clear what the committee is for, we wanted to outline our purpose in a post. At present, we see the main purpose of the committee as the following:

  1. To set up and ensure the continuation of the PY_WRAM platform by:
    a. Defining core admin and moderator personnel & ensuring this grows in a sustainable way.
    b. Maintaining and managing the infrastructure behind the PY_WRAM website.

  2. Develop and enforce the site’s terms and conditions, to ensure a safe place for the PY_WRAM users.

  3. Actively engage in the community to help grow and support the use of Python in WRA & Metocean.

If the community feels that the committee needs to address any other areas we would welcome your feedback, either in reply to this post or via the site feedback category.

Kind Regards,

The PY_WRAM Committee

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